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Swallow and Raven UAVs for Swedish Army

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Swallow and Raven Scout UAVs for the Swedish Army

(Source: Swedish Defense Procurement Agency, FMV; issued Oct. 29, 2013)

(Issued in Swedish only; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)

They are battery powered, easy to carry and they deliver reconnaissance images in near real time. It's all about the mini UAV systems. FMV is now delivering twelve units to be used by the Armed Forces ground units.

All of the new mini-UAV systems can fit in cases. From the time the bags are taken out of the vehicle as they are transported in, it takes between five and ten minutes for a vehicle to be in the air and headed for the area to be monitored.

“It is very easy to handle this equipment: we assemble an aircraft, set up the ground station, do the system checks, then we are off,” says Peter Düberg Banke, who runs a 12-week training course on the UAV system.

The new unmanned aircraft system is designated UAV05 in the Armed Forces. The system includes three electric powered aircraft: two smaller ones and a bigger third one. Using a common ground station, personnel can control the craft and receive reconnaissance images.

The smaller aircraft has a flight time of 45 minutes and the larger one can stay in the air for two hours. Meanwhile, they can send the video in near real time back to the operator on the ground, in both daylight and in the dark conditions, using the IR camera.

Stefan Tenor, a project manager at FMV, has been involved in the program all the way from requirements definition and competitive procurement evaluation, negotiation and agreement. The contract also includes spare parts, training, documentation and support for certification and continuing airworthiness.

“The certification according to the rules of military aviation was completed in early 2013, and although it's small craft without major risk to the environment, we went through the whole process so safety could be assured.”

Video games provide benefit

It is the US company AeroVironment Inc. which supplied the new mini-UAV systems. They replace the Falken system used by the Armed Forces units in Afghanistan.

FMV will deliver twelve complete systems and unlike the Falken, which is only used by the Armed Forces' special forces, the Swallow and the Raven will be distributed more widely throughout ground troops.

Peter Düberg Banke comes after UAV training to work as a flight instructor and instructor at P7 in Revinge.

“These craft are pretty easy to fly, the only difficulty is to fly so that the picture quality is good. It is an advantage if you've played video games, because the trick is interpreting a screen and acting accordingly,” he said.

UAV05 is a mini UAV system consisting of two small battery powered aircraft operated from a common ground segment. A complete system consists of two ground segment, two Swallow, one Raven and various peripherals.

UAV05A Swallow
-- Weight: 0.5 Kg
-- Range: about 5 km
-- Endurance: 45 minutes
-- Sensors: daylight or infrared camera

UAV05B Raven
-- Weight: 5.9 kg
-- Range: 15 km
-- Endurance: about 2 hours
-- Sensors: daylight and IR camera