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C-STAT Unmanned Vessel Completes Final Acceptance

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ASV’s C-STAT Completes Final Acceptance with Tohoku University

(Source: ASV Marine Systems; issued Sept. 6, 2013)

In early August 2013 a team from ASV oversaw the successful completion of the C-Stat 2 trials and final acceptance in the Pacific Ocean, a location around 200 miles from the shore. The trails included running of the unmanned vessel over both UHF and satellite link in cases where longer range was required, the payload was controlled through these links via ASV’s in house software.

The C-Stat is a mobile station keeping buoy powered by a hybrid diesel-electric drive system. The hull is made of aluminium with a PU coated closed cell foam fender and an integral fuel tank capable of carrying enough fuel for an endurance of 4 and a half days in currents of up to 3.5knots.

For the acceptance trials the vehicle was fitted with an LBL transducer and a TOG-S gyroscope with corrected GPS. This allowed the accurate positioning of seabed transducers that will be used to monitor seabed movement for tsunami warning. This process is normally carried out by a large ship, but C-Stat eliminates this need allowing for greater accuracy when transmitting signals.