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Germany Denies Euro Hawk Negotiations

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Germany Denies Ongoing Euro Hawk Negotiations (excerpt)

(Source; FlightGlobal; posted Aug. 22, 2013)

WASHINGTON, DC. --- Germany has denied that negotiations are ongoing in an attempt to salvage Northrop Grumman's Euro Hawk unmanned air vehicle (UAV) deal, nixed in May over airspace concerns.

The German ministry of defence expressed "surprise" with comments by Northrop vice-president Tom Vice, who spoke to reporters on 20 August.

"We're continuing to work with the Germans to find a solution on this programme," Vice said. "We continue to have discussions, but the thing we continue to point out is that the capability continues to match their needs. The programme is going extremely well we're making a lot of progress, we're having discussions, we'll see where that ends up."

The ministry is seeking clarification from involved companies. (end of excerpt)

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