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Argus One UAV Flight-testing Extended

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World Surveillance Group Announces Expansion of Yuma Flight Testing Schedule for Argus One UAV

(Source: World Surveillance Group Inc.; issued July 25, 2011)

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL --- World Surveillance Group Inc. today confirmed the expansion of the flight testing schedule of its Argus One UAV at the U.S. Army's proving ground facilities in Yuma, Arizona.

Due to time constraints resulting from WSGI's decision to accelerate its integration of certain customer payloads into the pod bay of the Argus One UAV prior to its flight testing at Yuma, WSGI has agreed with the test directors at Yuma to schedule the Argus One testing and demonstrations over two time periods. The initial round of flight test exercises focusing on aerodynamic and free flight maneuvering of the Argus One airship will commence during the last two weeks of August and is likely to extend for several days.

This initial exercise will be followed by an expanded payload testing and demonstration exercise, expected to take place in October 2011 at Yuma, and will focus on the testing and performance of the Argus One UAV integrated with various ISR and communications payload packages creating a lighter-than-air platform. WSGI's modular sensor bay on the Argus One is capable of hosting various sensors and payloads with a simple plug and play architecture that provides power, an airship inertial navigation system and environmental data. Following the strong interest from potential partners to test and demonstrate the Argus One at Yuma as a mobile platform for specific ISR and communications packages, WSGI decided to adjust its testing program, in conjunction with the test operators at the proving ground facilities in Yuma, to accommodate these potential partnership relationships.

In October's test exercises, the Argus One is expected to be flown with a tracking and monitoring system provided by WSGI's wholly owned subsidiary, Global Telesat Corp ("GTC") which will process data collected through Globalstar Inc.'s low earth orbit satellite constellation utilizing GTC's proprietary web-based online platform. In conjunction with the Company's partners, additional communications systems will also be integrated for such tests into the Argus One's pod bay, which is located mid-airship for increased stabilization and vibration dampening. The newly constructed modular sensor bay on the Argus One airship can be attached or removed easily for rapid tactical launch scenarios and ease of mobilization.

World Surveillance Group Inc. designs, develops, markets and sells autonomous, lighter-than-air UAVs capable of carrying payloads that provide persistent security and/or wireless communications solutions at low, mid, and high altitudes.