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AIA Releases New UAV Paper at Board Meeting

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AIA Releases New UAS Paper at Board Meeting

(Source: Aerospace Industries Association; issued June 18, 2013)

Taking the first step in a campaign to raise awareness about the beneficial capabilities of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), AIA released a new report, Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Perceptions and Potential, at the May Board of Governors meeting in Williamsburg, VA. From border security and law enforcement, to firefighting, search and rescue and precision farming, UAS capabilities have vast potential to benefit our society and boost the national economy.

The report attempts to properly define unmanned systems as well as demystify the negative image UAS applications have received in some press outlets. As with any emerging technology, public opinion regarding these systems often stems from the initial perception laid out by the media. Unfortunately, this practice can affect the general public’s ability to grasp the non-military benefits of a platform that has traditionally been used for national defense.

The report also addresses the societal benefits presented by domestic UAS use and the policy priorities that must be addressed in order to keep the United States in its leading position in global UAS technology. It is estimated that UAS spending will almost double over the next ten years, from $6.6 billion to $11.4 billion on an annual basis, and the segment is expected to generate $89 billion in the same span of time.

AIA is planning several initiatives in the months ahead to inform the public and our elected representatives of the opportunities afforded by unmanned systems as well as the policy-related obstacles that must be overcome for their wide-spread use. Expect word on a public event about the UAS report along with the release of new poll data exploring public attitudes about various UAS uses in the near future. In addition, we are planning for the fall a policy summit focusing on UAS societal benefits and policy solutions that will speed the integration and use of these systems.

Keep an eye out for further announcements from AIA on this new policy push. To read our report, please visit the reports and white papers page on the AIA website at: http://www.aia-aerospace.org/economics/reports_white_papers/ .