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Elbit Delivers Hermes 900 in Americas

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Elbit Delivers Hermes 900 UAS to a Customer in the Americas

(Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.; issued Feb 26, 2013)

The delivery follows a recent contract award by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the supply of additional Hermes 900 UAS as well as for the development of advanced UAS capabilities and maintenance services

Elbit Systems Ltd. has delivered a Hermes 900 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to a customer in the Americas. The program includes delivery of ESL's Hermes 900 unmanned air vehicles, Universal Ground Control Stations (UGCS) including installation in a mission control center, advanced electro-optic systems and additional unique systems.

Due to high demand, ESL has increased its UAS production activities and will soon be delivering additional Hermes 900 systems to other international customers,

ESL announced on December 31, 2012 that it was awarded a second contract to supply a wide range of Hermes 900 UAS to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The contract, a follow-on to the initial IDF order for Hermes 900 in 2010, calls for development of additional advanced UAS capabilities as well as UAS maintenance services. On January 27, 2013, ESL announced that it received an approximately $35 million contract from the Israel Ministry of Defense for the development of advanced features for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. One of the mission requirements is the quick re-configuration of the UAS’ payloads.

The Hermes 900 is well positioned as global leader in persistent intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), border control and ongoing security missions. The Hermes 900 offers advanced and unique capabilities, including operation under adverse weather conditions, long endurance, high flight altitude and large multi-payload capacity.

Elbit Systems offers a wide variety of advanced and high performance payloads to enable mission effectiveness in versatile missions. The system’s unique design allows fast and flexible plug-and-play re-configuration to carry various payloads and support multi-mission performance according to the customer’s requirements, in a cost-effective manner.