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ADTI Plans Sense-And-Avoid Tech for UAVs

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Advanced Defense Technologies (ADTI) Expands Sense And Avoid (SAA) Payload Development for Drones and UAVs

(Source: Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc.; issued February 13, 2013)

ANAHEIM, CA --- Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. announced today the Company has expanded its development plans with its strategic partners for Sense and Avoid (SAA) technology payload for its drones and UAVs.

The Company is expecting the SAA technology to be needed in both defense related and commercial applications. This technology is based on electro-optical (EO) devices and (high resolution cameras) which have been a proven and tested technology and have been flown on a number of UAVs successfully.

ADTI's UAV designs integrated with SAA technology and GPS receivers can provide the information and precise location of intruders and obstacles capability vital for the defense and commercial missions. Sophisticated software is integrated to provide the necessary information for the ground operators to carry out their flying missions.

"Commercial use of drones is going to be the next big revolution in aviation," stated R.S. Tahim, President and CEO of Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. "Utilizing Sense and Avoid (SAA) technology payloads on board all drones and UAVs will be a critical step in overcoming public safety concerns. Once autonomous aircraft are used with a high rate of success in areas away from towns and cities the commercial applications will continue to open up for drone applications closer to populated areas. For the time being drones will be controlled from the ground, but Sense and Avoid (SAA) systems will greatly enhance safety by detecting terrain and other objects, from aircraft to power lines, and will allow them to fly themselves if communication links with the ground are disrupted."

Advanced Defense Technologies (ADTI) develops systems and technologies for the military defense and homeland security industry. The Company's system design technology has been developed under SBIR Programs with Government Agencies including NASA, DARPA, a prestigious defense contractor (Phillips Labs), and the US military (USAF, ARMY, NAVY and MDA).