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French Navy Takes Delivery of Camcopter Drones

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S-100 Drones Aboard the Patrol Vessel L’Adroit

(Source: French Navy; issued May 10, 2012)

(Issued in French only; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)

The Camcopter, seen here with French naval aviation markings during recent trials, will sail aboard the French Navy’s new OPV, L’Adroit, on its first operational cruise. (French MoD photo)

On May 2-3, the reception flights for the S-100 Camcopter drone, also designated Serval, took place aboard the offshore patrol vessel L’Adroit. They confirmed the system’s overall performance, and renewed the operating clearances of the operators from the CEPA/10S squadron.

The first phase of the Serval user trials, which will be carried out by CEPA/10S in cooperation with DGA’s flight test department, will begin on May 10, when L’Adroit will sail on its initial fisheries patrol mission.

During this cruise, evaluation flights will be carried out using the Thales AGILE2 electro-optical sensor ball. They are intended to confirm the performance of the integrated system, to define the flight envelope of the unmanned aircraft, and to validate and refine procedures for drone operations in a shipboard environment.