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ADTI to Develop “Seek and Avoid” Technology for UAVs

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Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (ADTI) Announces Development Plan for Drone and UAV Seek and Avoid Technology

(Source: Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc.; issued February 28, 2012)

ANAHEIM, CA --- Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc., announced today it has undertaken the development of the key "Seek and Avoid System" technology for ADTI's next generation drones and UAVs. The new technology development will make the short and long range drones/UAVs more efficient and effective for military/homeland security applications and increase civilian safety especially for the commercial markets. The collaborative effort utilizes ADTI's hardware and software engineers and scientists at Texas A&M University.

The technology development will take advantage of ADTI's expertise in small size antenna designs, beam steering technology and novel integration techniques to develop cost effective drone and UAV systems that incorporates seek and avoid technology. Large-scale proliferation of drone and UAV use is contingent upon adequate sense, detect, and avoidance capabilities that would prevent collisions with structures and other aircrafts. ADTI's team is working to harness unprecedented intelligence; surveillance, reconnaissance, and communication systems to incorporate seek and avoid capabilities taking drone and UAV technology to a commercially viable level.

R.S. Tahim, President and CEO of Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc., stated, "ADTI will move forward quickly in putting together this urgently needed system for both defense and commercial applications. Our team consisting of hardware and software engineers together with scientists at Texas A&M University is very enthusiastic about the project. We feel confident this collaborative approach will expand the capabilities of the system and also expedite our ability to provide mission ready drones and UAVs for military, homeland defense, and commercial applications."

Advanced Defense Technologies (ADTI) develops systems and technologies for the military defense and homeland security industry. The Company's system design technology has been developed under several SBIR Programs with Government Agencies including the US military (USAF, ARMY, NAVY and MDA), NASA, DARPA and a prestigious defense contractor (Phillips Labs).