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IAI Integrates UAV Into Tactical Attack Loop

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Israel Aerospace Industries Presents C²Strike – Integrated Tactical See & Strike System

(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued February 9, 2012)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is finalizing development of C²Strike - a command, communication, surveillance and strike integrated system designated for tactical use and based on the Panther UAS special capabilities. C²Strike system opens new and groundbreaking capabilities for the tactical maneuvering force in defense and strike missions.

Panther's Automatic Vertical Take-Off and Landing (AVTOL) capabilities, and its hovering and transitioning to straight & level flight, were recently demonstrated to certain IAI customers. The Panther, having E/O surveillance and Laser designation Payloads, provides a unique solution for the tactical tier.

Until now, observation capability by UAS and precise fire support were not readily available at the tactical level. Weapon accuracy and effectiveness was limited, and small forces - terrorists, hiding anti-tank squads, etc., could block an armored maneuver. The challenge in such battlefield scenarios is to locate and strike low-signature and time sensitive targets, swiftly and accurately. There is an ongoing worldwide need for such a solution.

IAI's Total Connectivity Solution is implemented in the C²Strike system to enable real time data transfer. An integrated network between airborne surveillance systems, control systems and precision strike systems creates a united operational system-of-systems. Fast, accurate and independent identification, location, designation, launch and strike of targets is achieved.

The Panther UAS' multi-sensor payload consists of a day-night designation system. The UAS is operated by a commander, an operator and a technician, that move with the mobile forces in the MMS (Mobile Mission Station). Each MMS carries more than one Panther UAS, for full support, backup and hot swap between mission and transit UAS.

The system uses video geo-registration technology for accurate target coordinates location.

Various IAI's weapon systems are integrated with C²Strike, for example: the LAHAT laser guided missile, equipped with advanced guidance capabilities and unique warheads, with a range of 8 km; the TopGun GPS/INS guided missile, capable of mid-course target changing for accurate strike and guided-artillery allocation. Integration of other weapon systems is possible per customer's specific requirements.

A ground communication system connects the MMS vehicle and the strike weapon systems. The C²Strike system extracts accurate target coordinates and provides a real time broad situation picture to the commander, who is in full situational-awareness, and assigns munition allocations accordingly. All communications are secure as required. The customer's own network can be used for communication. To further enhance the communication system's capabilities, the Panther UAS could also be used as a relay. IAI's ETOP Hovering Observation Platform could also be integrated with the system, according to the required operational range and battlefield characteristics.

Background Material – The Panther UAS:

With its 3 ultra-quiet electrical motors, the Panther tactical UAV, which weighs roughly 65 kg, can take off and land vertically on any unprepared area. The Panther utilizes Tilt Rotor technology for maneuvering the platform in various modes: pinpoint hovering like a helicopter, and straight and level efficient endurance flight like a fixed wing aircraft.

A typical mission can take approximately 3 hours, at an altitude of 2000 feet above ground. It cannot be heard or seen from the ground. The operational range is 25-50 km according to mission profile.

The Panther is equipped with an advanced autonomous flight control system controlling the transition between the various modes as well as during the Automatic Vertical Takeoff and Landing (AVTOL) phases. The Panther UAS carries IAI's Mini-POP (Plug-in Optronics Payload) – a day/night stabilized camera including, in addition to specific customer's requirement, a laser range finder, laser pointer or laser designator.