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Russian Engineers Using Recce Robots in Palmyra

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Russian Military Engineers are Using Scarabey and Sfera Newest Robotic Complexes in Palmyra

(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued April 18, 2017)

The Russian engineers are using the Scarabey reconnaissance robotic complex. This is a remote-control wheel base with HD video cameras, microphone and thermal image device.

Distance of strong connection between the operator and the complex reaches 250 meters even in complicated signal spread conditions. Height of the robotic complex is 15 centimeters and it is almost unobservable. Electronic engines of the Scarabey make its work silent.

The Russian engineers are using the Sfera wireless examination device in order to detect explosives in hard-to-reach places, destroyed buildings and obstructions. The Sfera device is fitted with four video cameras, microphone and transmitter.

The complex is capable to provide the image from all video cameras simultaneously providing 360? observation.

The engineers are equipped with OVR-2-02 combined-arms protection suits. The equipment is fitted with telecommunication and cooling systems.