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EDA Selects DCI, Diginext for UAV Training

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European Defence Agency Selects Défense Conseil International and Diginext for UAV Training

(Source: DCI Group; issued Feb 16, 2017)

PARIS --- Défense Conseil International (DCI), the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence for the transfer of French military know-how to international partners, has won a contract to lead a partnership with Diginext following a call for bids by the European Defence Agency (EDA). The contract covers the development, deployment and delivery of a simulation demonstrator for training medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) UAV operators in the training centres of nine European Union Member States.

DCI and Diginext: excellence in UAV training

This project, which recognizes DCI's training expertise in the UAV sector, confirms the quality of the partnership between DCI and Diginext. The EDA was convinced by the technology deployed in their joint proposal, which has already been proven with the support of the UAV Centre of Excellence of the French Air Force, and by the competitiveness of their bid.

By the end of the programme, equipment will be in place in nine European countries among those already possessing, or planning to acquire, the most advanced UAV technology: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

The aim is to offer the nine partner countries in the programme a distributed simulation system allowing for joint exercises and training, using flexible scenarios as close as possible to the reality of the theatres of operations.

DCI and the European Defence Agency: a relation of trust

"We are very proud of this new project, which marks the culmination of long-term work with the EDA and its MALE UAV user community. We met them when they held a meeting at the UAV Centre of Excellence in October 2016, which gave us the opportunity to present DCI's Diginext simulator and our activities," declares DCI chairman and CEO Jean-Michel Palagos.

The EDA thus confirms its cooperation with DCI, which started in 2011. Alongside studies for the EDA relating to helicopters, military diving and naval training, DCI is delivering a number of courses, including "Train the trainers course for naval operations rooms", covering technical knowledge and the Law of the Sea.

DCI's mission is to transfer French military know-how to the armed forces of nations friendly with France. DCI is the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence, offering services that are certified "French Forces Training". With its 986 employees, the DCI Group achieved in 2015 a turnover of 227.5 million euros.