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Why Are Drones Thought to Be Safe?

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Why Are Drones Thought to Be Safe?

(Source: Center for Defense Information; issued Sept. 28, 2011)

Retired Marine Corps Colonel G.I. Wilson has a disturbing answer in a short but important article, "The Psychology of Killer Drones." His article gives a chilling rebuke to those who glibly see them as "the future of warfare" and essential for counter-terror operations without acknowledging the consequences. His piece also has extremely useful links to more materials on drones at its end.

Find "The Psychology of Killer Drones – action against our foes; reaction affecting us" at http://fabiusmaximus.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/29263

Find a good summary and the text below:

Summary: We now have enough experience with drone warfare to study its effects. Just as in physics, our actions affect ourselves as well as our targets. Social science research shows that drones are a gateway to moral disengagement dehumanization, and de-individuation.

The great distances drones operate over, manipulated by faceless-nameless-lawyeristic-voyeurs, creates an emotional, mental, and physical divide between “us” (i.e. our government) and the enemies we kill. Drones allow us to dissociate our actions from our values, a useful high-cost and high-tech justification. At the end are links to gain more information about this new form of warfare.