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Embraer Closes Down Harpia UAV Joint Venture Company

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Communiqué: End of Harpia activities

(Source: Embraer; issued January 7, 2016)

SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, Brazil --- Embraer Defesa & Segurança Participações S.A. announces, in conjunction with AEL Sistemas S.A. and Avibras Divisão Aérea e Naval S.A., its decision to wind-up the activities of Harpia Sistemas S.A., a joint venture formed in September 2011 in order to explore the unmanned aerial vehicles market.

The definition of partnership wind-up occurred amicably given the current budget constraint in Brazil.

Due to the venture’s strategic nature for designing of a Brazilian Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (SARP) the companies will continue to develop technologies to meet future demands of the Brazilian Armed Forces and the civilian market in a new format, and will consider positively working together in the future.

The companies recognize that the preservation of knowledge is critical to maintaining the technological capacity acquired and, therefore, relocated professionals of Harpia Sistemas in other programs.

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