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Argus One UAV Makes Tethered Test Flight

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World Surveillance Group Announces Successful Flight of Argus One UAV in Easton, MD

(Source: World Surveillance Group Inc.; issued September 22, 2011)

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL --- World Surveillance Group Inc., a developer of lighter-than-air unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs") and related technologies, announced today that the Company has successfully completed additional tethered flight testing of its Argus One airship in Easton, Maryland.

The Argus One flew under tower control at Easton Airport where it carried out aerodynamic exercises to test the newly improved and reinforced airship envelope as well as improvements to mechanical systems located in the airship's pod bay unit.

The Company is currently working with the test directors at the U.S. Army's proving ground facility at Yuma, Arizona to reschedule the Argus One's flight test exercises and expects to return to Yuma in the near future. These rescheduled flight test exercises at Yuma are expected to include aerodynamic testing to demonstrate the Argus One's unique flight capabilities as well as payload integration testing to demonstrate the airship's platform capabilities.

In the interim, the Company intends to continue tethered flight testing of the Argus One in Easton, MD.

World Surveillance Group Inc. designs, develops, markets and sells autonomous, lighter-than-air UAVs capable of carrying payloads that provide persistent security and/or wireless communications solutions at low, mid, and high altitudes.

GTC provides satellite airtime and tracking services to the U.S. government and defense industry end users and resells airtime and equipment from leading satellite network providers such as Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya.