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USAF Releases MQ-1B Predator Accident Report

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MQ-1B Predator Accident Report Released

(Source: US Air Force; Issued June 9, 2015)

LANGLEY AFB, Va. --- A right wing control module failure led to an MQ-1B Predator crash on the Nevada Test and Training Range near Creech Air Force Base, Nev., June 27, 2014, according to an Air Combat Command abbreviated accident investigation board report released today.

The aircraft was assigned to the 432nd Wing, Creech AFB, and was under the control of aircrew assigned to the 15th Reconnaissance Squadron, also located at Creech AFB. At the time of the mishap, the aircraft was conducting multiple training missions in the Nevada Test and Training Range. The aircraft was destroyed on impact with losses valued at approximately $4.6 million.

There were no injuries or damage to private property.

The board president found by clear and convincing evidence the cause of the mishap was a right wing control module failure that lowered and locked the right wing aileron, a flight-control surface on the trailing edge of the wing which rolls and turns the aircraft, into a full-down position.

This un-commanded lowering of the aileron on only one wing caused the MQ-1B to begin a roll and turn. This roll progressed until the MQ-1B's steep angle of bank rendered it incapable of maintaining level flight.

The aircraft subsequently lost satellite communication and continued to depart controlled flight until it impacted the ground.