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RAF Reaper Fires Hellfires At ISIL Target

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Latest: Air Strikes In Iraq

(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 13, 2014)

British forces have continued to conduct air operations to assist the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIL.

Last night a Royal Air Force (RAF) Reaper remotely piloted air system was involved in a coalition air strike in the Kirkuk region.

The Reaper had been tasked to conduct reconnaissance in an area where Iraqi forces had encountered ISIL fighters.

The operators were able to use the Reaper’s advanced systems to identify a number of ISIL positions, enabling another Coalition aircraft to attack a command post, bunker, observation post and two armed pick-up trucks.

They then identified a further 3 positions, and, having carefully checked the area, conducted attacks using the Reaper’s own Hellfire missiles. Initial analysis indicates that the attacks were successful.

Other RAF aircraft also continue to fly missions over Iraq, including Tornado GR4s in the armed reconnaissance role, and surveillance, tanker and transport aircraft.

A British Army team remains in Erbil, providing training assistance requested by the Kurdish Peshmerga.

10 November - saw the first air strike by a RAF Reaper remotely piloted air system. A series of coalition missions were conducted near Bayji, north of Baghdad, where ISIL terrorists were laying improvised explosive devices. The Reaper, using procedures identical to those of manned aircraft, successfully attacked the terrorists using a Hellfire missile. In addition, 2 RAF Tornado GR4s used a Brimstone missile to successfully destroy a shipping container used by the terrorists to store equipment near Al Anbar, west of Baghdad.

4 November - saw further action from RAF aircraft as they continue to assist the Iraqi Government in their fight against ISIL. Two Tornado GR4s, flying in support of Iraqi army units in the area surrounding Bayji north of Baghdad, used a Brimstone precision guided missile to successfully destroy an ISIL armed pick-up truck. Other RAF aircraft, including tankers, transport and surveillance platforms also continue to support coalition air operations.