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Patria Introduces New Networking Datalink

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Patria Introduces New Networking Data Link At MILCOM 2014

(Source: Patria; issued October 1, 2014)

Patria will launch a new communication product, CANDL, Compact Airborne Networking Data Link, at MILCOM 2014 held October 6-8th in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Designed for communications requiring high reliability such as UAS payload data and C2, CANDL provides 8Mbps data rate with additional safety features for C2, dynamic IP networking communication, motion video and digital voice capability all integrated in one SDR based compact airworthy terminal.

CANDL enables long range air-to-air and air-to-ground networking as well as relaying for BLOS capability. Covering both NATO IV C-band as well as WRC 2013 defined civil UAS C2 frequency band it is suitable for both military and civil UAS applications.

“Expanding our portfolio of networking data links such as the MPNDL verified on-board an actual UAS system in 2012, CANDL is our response to the growing needs for data links combining secure C2 and higher data rates in a single, yet compact housing. As we have paid extra attention also to the demands of the VTOL UAS market, CANDL is an ideal solution for a variety of airborne systems”, says Simo Mäkipaja, Senior Vice President, Systems business unit at Patria Group.

Patria is a trusted provider of defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions. Patria is owned by the State of Finland (73.2%) and Airbus Group (26.8 %).