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German MoD Denies New Problems with Global Hawk

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FAZ Report on "New Problems with the Global Hawk"

(Source: German Ministry of Defense; issued July 21, 2013)

(Issued in German only; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)

BERLIN --- Reacting to a report published July 21, 2013 by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ("New problems with the Global Hawk"), a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said:

German regulatory issues with the Euro Hawk are not transferable to the NATO AGS core aircraft. The NATO AGS Management Agency (NAGSMA) is procuring a system based on the technically advanced Global Hawk Block (version) 40 The Euro Hawk is based on a Global Hawk Block 20. These are completely different aircraft.

Approval and certification of NATO AGS core aircraft are carried out under the responsibility of Italy, by the Italian military certification authority (DAA). The national approval procedures of Germany and Italy differ in their procedures and regulations.

The United States Global Hawk type aircraft are flying already in Italy with Italian approval.